S&P RackThe S&P shaker spice rack project

I have a modest collection of salt and pepper shakers that I have been collecting for a few years. As I write this it seems funny that I have a salt and pepper collection.  It all started at a consignment shop right down the road.  I went there looking for a nightstand for Bryan and I found a beautiful set of brass owls on a branch.  I could not say no, these owls were so cute sitting on their perch. So, it started and there was no stopping me. A word to future collectors have a price limit and do not go over that amount.

After a couple of years adding to my s-n-p shaker collection, I started running out of space and I was getting ready to move in with Bryan.  So, my collection had to be packed away until I had a way of displaying these beauties.

Enter Mom and a glorious weekend of antiquing at our local honey holes.  Bryan and I decided to take Mom on an outing to one of our favorite spots and asked for her help.  I asked her to keep her eyes open for anything that could be used to display my collection, and boy did she come through for me.  Tucked way in the corner of booth filled with things way out of my price range she found an old kitchen spice rack.  This spice rack totally fit the bill, however, it was in less than desirable condition.  Since it had been a kitchen spice rack , probably above a stove, it was super sticky and gross with old grease.  The back board was broken and the paint was caked on so badly I could move it with my fingernail,eek.

S&P owl

I couldn’t wait to get this gross thing with tons of potential home.  We started a week later with Mom and Dad in tow.  Mom and I scrapped and sanded the rack within an inch of its life. After scrapping three layers of clumpy, sticky and smelly paint something wonderful emerged, a blank slate.  After cleaning up the rack Mom and I set to work on painting.  We decided to paint the rack a retro, subtle, can go with everything color, creamy whitish yellow.  It actually exceeded my expectations and turned out better than I thought it would.

S&P Venus

Now I can display my funky shaker collection with pride in one place, the kitchen.

Enjoy and remember to spice things up when looking for new pieces.

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